K One Portfolio

K One Ventures is a Technology Services Start-Up formally Recognized by Government of India - DIPP12489. Interests in multiple verticals like School (k12 seg-ment), Colleges, Restaurants, Airlines, Online testing for retail users. The key differentiator is the Services model (SAS), brilliant User Interface & quick support.

SchoolBellQ*: SchoolBellQ* All Managed service, ready to use: Numerous automation services to improve their internal efficiency and operations. Managed Services' Model: Trained & dedicated resources provided at school premises for all essential school administration function.

Take Any Test:
Our Online test solutions comes packed with AI (Artificial Intelligence) based Auto Proctoring with an option to switch to auto-proctoring anytime. It has ability to compose randomised tests from the same question bank ensuring users get different question papers and yet confirming to same parameters as decided by the examiner.

HR Infinity: Human Resources Management System (HRMS) envisages automating transaction relating to personnel matters. HRMS software will act as the definite solution to run all the HR management operations of your company.

Recruit Eazy: Our algorithms based on key drivers of vacancies for each level and profile is capable of giving the vacancie sto be filled. In addition to the logic based vacancies, our system allows to create vacancies manually also. Manual vacancies may be required in case of expansion or addition of new departments which are currently not reflected in the drivers used in algorithm.

IoTs: We also have demonstrated capability to work with IOT (Internet of Things) and integrate them with our automation systems like RFID cards, Biometric Attendance & Live Bus tracking through GPS integration

Social Media Tracking: We have also built an very progressive social media tracking system that helps organisation elicit cooperation from there internal team/employees to increase engagement of their Employees on the official social media posts Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked in.

Feedback Management:

  • A comprehensive feedback system with a world-class app for capturing & processing all types of service feedback
  • Design & Customize questionnaires anytime effortlessly
  • Engage patrons, connect on social media
  • Marketing Promotions: Leveraging transactions history for revenue yielding promos
  • Reduce silent customer churn
  • Payment options on Table (NFC & OCR)
  • Service support, Incisive insights & Analytics to detect & address RCA.
  • Reach out unhappy customers rating services as low due to poor experience.

Lead Management:

  • Digital Marketing combined with lead management in a multiple counsellor environment.
  • Verified leads through OTP Combines the power instant online tests
  • Real-time lead transmission to counsellors on SMS & email to reduce TAT & get higher conversions.
  • Auto lead allocation based on counsellor performance
  • Campaign Performance analysis to evaluate channel effectiveness

Visitor Management:

  • A complete visitor management solution, features with:
  • Capture & verify incoming visitor photograph
  • OTP based authentication
  • Building & Syncing the accurate database of visitors
  • Optional Approval from the visited person
  • Pre-appointment exemption
  • Storage & Retrieval of Records


Our Philosophy & Vision

Our Philosophy We significantly score over the plethora of ERPs straddling the marketplace because of our single-minded, overarching business philosophy of "Customer Empathy" This revered foundational value ensures we treat you as our partners, not clients. "Customer Empathy remains" the central focus of all our actions. We pursue active customisations that match our software with the client's workflow rather than the other way around.

Our Vision Customer Empathy reflects in the following 3 critical attributes of our service:
1. Service edge- On-premise School Associate, Dedicated account manager, 24x7 customer care
2. Active customisations in software to align with client's existing workflow
3. Constant upgrades, New Modules & developments, continuous infusion of latest Technologies